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Important Qualities That Will Help You Thrive As a Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistants are especially valued in the medical and healthcare field because they are mainly used to take care of the basic physical and psychological needs of patients or residents at hospitals, clinics, nursing home, etc. after taking the necessary CNA classes. It takes a special kind of person to succeed as a certified nursing assistant. Someone becomes a certified nursing assistant after taking a CNA training class and passing the state certification examination for which the CNA classes will properly equip one for. CNAs in the vast majority of cases spend the most time with patients and residents when compared to other healthcare professionals in order to meet the daily needs of patients and residents. Many residents and patients may spend months or years at a healthcare facility which will enable them to develop relationships with CNAs. There are many nursing assistants who simply go through the motions and this job may usually only represent a way to earn an income and nothing more. These types of people do not usually last in this profession since they do not derive any fulfillment from this job and only do it until something else comes along. While seeking advancement from being a certified nursing assistant is definitely healthy and something to be desired as a natural progression if you are so inclined, taking CNA classes and being a certified nursing assistant provides many opportunities to learn about the industry as well as patients and what your strengths and weaknesses are if you give it a chance and enter into this field for more than the money.

Certified Nursing Assistant Personal Qualities 1. Being caring towards the residents and patients and being willing to care for them and about them will ensure that you thrive as a certified nursing assistant. Caring is not something that can be taught during a CNA training class but something that you need to develop on your own if not so inclined. 2. Working harmoniously with others and being an effective team member which will make your work that much easier as a certified nursing assistant. Treating residents and patients as well as other healthcare professionals as you would want to be treated is an important quality to have as a certified nursing assistant so be considerate of others. Team work is usually stressed during CNA classes and practice makes perfect. 3. Being empathetic is very important. This will allow the certified nursing assistant to put themselves in another's shoes and not simply pity the residents or patients. This is also something that cannot be taught in CNA classes. 4. Being honest about what you do on your job and your interactions with others is very important in every job. Most employers have ethics codes that must be adhered to but unless you have a deep seeded feeling of being accountable to yourself and others, no amount of ethics codes can alter your behavior. 5. Respecting others especially those that have different belief systems, cultures, languages, religions from yours will ensure your effectiveness as a certified nursing assistant. This may be covered during CNA classes but you need to develop this characteristic for yourself as you will come across a vast number of different people in this profession and being respectful to all will serve you well. 6. Being dependable is another characteristic that is required as a certified nursing assistant. The patients, nurses and doctors as well as other medical personnel need to be able to depend on you. This can be as simple as showing up on time and performing the tasks that you say you will perform. 7. As a certified nursing aide, you need to be able to be flexible because even the best laid plans can sometimes not be accomplished so you need to be able to make adjustments easily and go with the flow. Disruptions in your work schedule will happen and you need not get aggravated but simply make adjustments to your work schedule as needed. 8. You need to become safety conscious which will be covered a great deal in CNA classes and job orientation. You need to remember not to cut corners which goes back to the honesty discussed above. Communicable diseases are very serious and you need to go through the proper safety procedures as a certified nursing assistant. Proper procedures will be taught to you during CNA classes but only you can follow through. 9. Privacy and confidentiality with resident and patient matters is important. You would not want your personal business to be spread around so extend this personal courtesy to those that you are placed in your hands and keep all information about patients and residents only to those individuals that should have the information and limit gossip.

These are only a few of the personal qualities that make a great certified nursing assistant that may go beyond what is taught in CNA classes []. For more information on certified nursing assistants, CNA training classes, etc, visit [].

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